Raise the Vibration – VDay

RAISE THE VIBRATION performance is part of the V-Day global activist movement. This particular podcast is written and edited by its Berlin group. 
During this performance activists, artists and writers explore topics such as gender and sexuality, racism, structure inequality, migration, and ableism through their spoken word. The podcast includes original pieces written in English and Italian and aims to give space to the community’s voices. 
The V-Day Berlin was born in late 2019 with its first performance “A Memory, a Monologue and a Prayer”. The group is formed of people from different backgrounds. Together they use art to advocate to end gender-based violence and to express their solidarity to survivors all around the world. 
All proceeds collected will go to the local non-profit grassroots organization Women in Exile & Friends, https://www.women-in-exile.net/en/To support click here: https://gofund.me/473cde47

Artwork by: Lex KartanėFurther info at: https://www.vday.org/

1- Meditation, Burcu Ates (00:00:00:00)

2- Welcome speech, Burcu Ates  (00:09:14:18)

2b – Women in exile, Grace Wanbui (00:13:15:02)

2c- Welcome speech, Burcu Ates the end (00:16:30:04)

3- Introduction by Eve Ensler, Giorgia Anselmi (00:17:06:07)

4- I don’t know If I can forgive you, Lex Kartanė (00:20:19:24)

5- E’ tutta una bugia, Sara Donegà (00:22:59:11)

6- Violence during Corona time, Grace Wanbui (00:27:05:21)

7- Agli alcolisti anonimi, Sara Donegà (00:29:04:24)

8- Poem against Ableism, Lex Kartanė (00:34:22:33)

9- Women Stories, Tuğba _Esen (+volunteers) (00:34:57:12)

10- Raise the Vibration by Eve Ensler, Alessia Arbustini (00:47:06:00)

11- Conclusion, Burcu Ates (00:51:14:18)

V-Day Raise the Vibration Team – Berlin

Raise the Vibration – VDay

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