NBF@International Women’s Day #8M

In this episode Radio No Border hosts the No Border Feminism collective, that spoke about the upcoming 8th of March demo, this next Sunday in Berlin. Giulia and Giulia went back in time to tell a bit of the history of this important date and how it has changed in the meaning and the forms of struggle up to our present times. Some calls where made to comrades here in Berlin (Caro from the Alliance of Internationalist Feminist*) and in Italy (Eleonora, from Obiezione Respinta) to have more details about their political activities and projects that relate with women’s struggles and this important celebration. Even if… “It is not a party, it is a fight!”.

Music selection by Ibalu and Francine.

This broadcast is part of the project “Wir wollen alles! Arbeit unt Arbeitkaempfe zwischen Geschichte und Gegenwart” by Berlin Migrant Strikers, supported by the Stiftung Menschenwürde und Arbeitswelt.