Critical Radio#1 – Workers in the Universities

Critical Workers is an activist platform based in Berlin dealing with workers struggles. They come from different political groups which have been challenging precarity, labour conditions and exploitation for many years.

“With this open radio broadcast, the Critical Radio, hosted by RadioNoBorder we want to give precarious workers, which too often are being forgotten within the public debate, a voice. This time, we speak about the struggle of the precarious workers at the Berlin University. Many thousands of people are working in Berlin as student assistants and tutors. Their collective contract has been blocked for 17 years, their salaries are low and they often fulfil unpaid tasks. Since few months they decide that that is enough. The organize also with the help of the unions and they started a strike to get better working conditions, although the university management tries to scare and hinder them. We invited a comrade involved in this struggle since the beginning, who told us a bit how the struggle began and which are the future perspectives.”

Organize, fight, resist! Join the Critical Workers!